Here at Clutch City Science, we are a conduit between science and the non-science community. We want to showcase the city of Houston as a hub for scientific advancement in a way that the patrons who inhabit it can understand and be excited about. This is an opportunity for us to take a digital microphone and explain what our scientists do and how they impact the world to an audience that includes businessmen, grandmothers, artists, chefs, railway operators, World Champion baseball players, and many, many others. We want the city that we live in to be interested in and supportive of all of the scientific findings happening right around us, so that Houston as a whole can grow into the headquarters of innovation and discovery that we know it has the ability to.

              One of the biggest hurdles in making this connection with constituents is the great divide of comprehension. Most people in the field have been thinking about their specialty for so long that they forget what it’s like to be an outsider. Often, technical jargon and complicated ideas alienate audiences just enough to where they lose interest or stop understanding. Here, we want to focus on the narrative of the story instead of the technicality. We want your science to be able to be what teenagers are excited to share at the dinner table and what keeps everyone a little longer at the water cooler. This being said, we also want honesty and realism in every article. ‘Working on cancer’ should never be taken as ‘Curing cancer’, and our articles will always reflect the difference.

              Our nation as a whole is suffering from a loss of intellectualism and wonder. Our children have so many things constantly tugging at their attention and science often doesn’t win the battle. Clutch City Science wants to use our community to enhance our community by displaying the awesome things happening in our own backyard. We hope you’ll join us in making Houston excited about science again!